The topics I write about include software engineering, web development, blogging and the web in general, and anything else that I find interesting.

2021-01-20 It's been a while...
2021-01-25 Can you ever know enough about people?
2021-02-03 Two classes of disagreement
2021-03-14 The Second-System Effect - Excerpts
2021-04-07 On the risks of quick fixes
2021-05-18 Is it worth my time?
2021-05-19 Add expiration dates to TODO comments
2021-12-13 The benefits of a classless approach to CSS
2021-12-14 On Satisficing
2021-12-17 On digital gardening
2021-12-21 Avoid collecting without acting
2021-12-22 The lazy webmaster's way of providing a RSS feed
2022-04-07 Don't 'cd' to change directory
2022-04-16 Content - fast and slow
2022-05-02 Write down your makers bucket-list
2022-05-13 Small things matter for accessibility
2022-05-27 Weeknotes 21/2022
2022-06-03 Weeknotes 22/2022
2022-06-07 On unintended consequences
2022-06-10 Weeknotes 23/2022
2022-06-17 Weeknotes 24/2022
2022-06-27 Weeknotes 25/2022
2022-07-01 Weeknotes 26/2022
2022-12-28 Using ChatGPT to implement tic-tac-toe in bash
2023-01-01 Happy new year - Let's bring back blogging in 2023
2023-01-09 API design rule-of-thumb: Wrap all arrays into objects
2023-01-10 Making feeds automatically discoverable
2023-01-31 Is blogging back?
2023-03-20 Thoughts on the barriers against writing on the web
2023-03-23 I will read it
2023-04-12 An old book & today's web
2023-04-16 Introducing a blogroll
2023-04-20 Hal Abelson on Big Design Up Front
2023-04-21 In defense of internal links
2023-04-27 An easteregg - literate programming style
2023-04-29 Adding dark mode
2023-05-04 How to calculate the contrast ratio of two colors
2023-05-28 Some lessons from a side project