Is blogging back?

At the end of last year I came across the Bring Back Blogging initiative of Ash Huang and Ryan Putnam. I think it was a terrific idea to commit to some activity on my personal website in the month of January, and apparently more than 500 other people thought so as well.

The web, with its not quite 25 years of existence, is still a young medium. Blogging as one of its archetypical forms hasn't actually been away. Yet, that the web is an open platform is so not through a law of nature. Given the economical and political circumstances of surveillance capitalism, and the maddening drift to authoritarian forms of governance, those properties would better not be taken for granted.

But that is all the more a reason to experiment, tinker and shape the medium through usage and many more cute little experiments, and do what is possible to increase the signal-noise ratio of the better corners of the web.